Get Help Solving a Skunk Problem

We advise you to try to solve the skunk problem yourself first, using do-it-yourself prevention techniques. However, we understand that in some cases you will want help. Please be aware that there government-sponsored city or county animal services agencies rarely deal with wild animals. However, in some cases they do, or can ofter advive or trap loaning programs (which we discourage as discussed) so we list the city resources in the below cities. Also, in some cases wildlife rehabilitators can be of some assistance, such as a case in which you need consultation in the correct relocation of a trapped skunk, or in the care of a baby skunk. We offer city rehabber information for the below cities as well. If you need to hire a professional trapping company, beware. Some engage in humane practices, and some do not. Before you hire anyone, ask the following questions:

  • Do you have a humane approach to wildlife control?
  • Do you offer preventative services and repairs?
  • Do you attempt to avoid cage trapping when possible?
  • If trapping, do you check traps daily and relocate immediately?
  • Do you ever use poisons? (The answer should be NO!)
  • Have you consulted with state wildlife agencies regarding relocation survival?
  • Do you work with any local wildlife rehabbers when you have baby or inured skunks?
  • Are you properly licensed in your state and carry liability insurance?
  • Are you available on weekends? (Important if a skunk needs weekend attention).
  • Do you provide a written price quote before starting work?

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