Skunk Prevention Tips: How to Keep Skunks Away

SKUNK PREVENTION & EXCLUSION: Skunks commonly set up a den under buildings, the most common of which are elevated homes, porches, sheds, decks, and even other architectural features like heating units. It is essential that the entire family is removed, and often part of the process involves blocking all entry/exit to the structure, and funneling the skunks out into a single trap or exclusion device. The most important step in the process, not just for skunks but for many species of wildlife that can live under your building, from groundhogs to raccoons to stray cats, is to install an exclusion barrier around the perimeter of the structure. Because many animals can burrow, you should dig a trench around the structure, and install a heavy steel mesh into the ground and bending outward, which the animals are unable to dig under. You can buy this at any hardware store, such as Home Depot. Affix the steel mesh to the structure with screws and washers, and you can add lattice work for visual appeal, to keep skunks out permanently.

Skunks are rather harmless animals, but it is always better to keep them away from your property-just to be sure that you and your family will not fall victim to their stinking spray. Besides, skunks are carriers of rabies, which presents significant health hazard for your family and animals.

Skunks are omnivore animals, which means that they will eat about anything that is edible. This is reason why they come close to human surroundings-because there is lots of garbage where they can have free meal. It is thus important to learn few useful tips on how to make your home less interesting and attractive for skunks, which will also make them go away-because where there is no food for them, they will go away in search for food.

First off, keep away all food sources that are attractive for skunks. Skunks eat everything and in the end will take all they find. This means that you need to pick all the fruits as they get ripe, so that it doesn't fall and lay under trees. Clean yard as often as possible. In the garden you need to apply same principle and pick up all the vegetables so that there is no ripe piece for hungry skunk to munch on.

If you keep bird feeder in the yard, you need to place a tray under it to catch all the seed; also clean all the lost seeds that could fall down after the birds eat.

Skunks are often visitors to human garbage. This is reason why it is very important to close all trash bins and cans and store garbage properly and safely. Classic garbage bins don't work, i.e. they are not safe enough against skunk attack. To be sure that you will keep all the garbage away from hungry skunks, you need to get garbage cans that can be locked. Also, it might be good idea to store garbage in the garage when possible, in order to prevent smell from attracting skunks that are in the neighborhood.

Another important thing is to prevent possibility for making dens in and around your home. For example, skunks prefer to create their home where there is closed space, such as under the porch or a deck. This is why you need to completely close these spaces and prevent them from moving in. Use plywood, rocks and mash wire. Another possible shelter for skunks are piles of building material or lumbers in the backyard-move them away and create clear and open space-they are really not fond of these. Clearing also means cutting down bushes and low branches which can also present some shelter.

Install light in the backyard, which will make your yard very visible and brightly shined. Skunks are primarily nocturnal animals and go away from bright lights.

Chemicals are also another method to make skunks go away. There are some chemicals that are known to have negative effect on skunks in the terms of making them go away.

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