How to remove skunk odor from a pet or human

When a skunk is frightened and trapped, it will emit a powerful spray from its anal glands which may hit a target that is over 15 feet away. A skunk's spray is known to be pungent and has a distinct odor which is difficult to deal with for both animals and humans. Normally, the treatment used is tomato juice baths, but it will mask the odor only. However, you do not have to worry since certain products that you have in your home are capable of neutralizing this odor.

You should stay outside and call someone else to give you a hand. When you bring the smell in the home, it will linger for some time indoors. You should put on rubber gloves and mix hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and teaspoons of dishwashing liquid with laundry soap in a large container and then mix everything with a spoon. Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide are going to mask the odor chemical while the soap in this mixture is meant to break down the oily residue.

Remove all jewelry you have on and use a washcloth and a sponge for applying the mixture on the skin. You can work on this mix until it lathers. When you clean the odor inside the home, you should stay in your shower to ensure that there is no mess.

Let the mix stay on the skin for five minutes until it does not bubble anymore. Wash or shower the skin using water for five minutes and repeat this process starting from the beginning. You should dilute the leftover mixture with water and then pour it in the drain. The mixture has to be poured away quickly since if it is stored, it may explode.

Your dog can also be exposed to being sprayed. The skunk will send a clear message and some animals are aware of these signs and they will keep away. However, a dog is usually not aware of these signs. In addition to the warning routine, the white and black coat of the skunk is a warning in itself. The dog does not have to go into the forest to meet the skunks since skunks live among people and will spray the dogs even in your backyard. The skunks will come near you to get shelter, water and food. If you want to avoid your dog being sprayed, then you have to avoid anything that will make the skunks come to your place. If the dog is sprayed, you can still use the same mixture of soap, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to get rid of the smell. However, you should be careful so that the dog will not swallow this solution since it can cause ulcerations, tissue damage and vomiting. When the dog is sprayed in its face, you should get immediate veterinary attention. You should be attentive in the night since the skunks will go out during the night and this is when they are even more active. You should make sure that the skunks are not staying under your deck or your house.

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