Why a Humane Approach?

Some people view wildlife, including skunks, as pests. It's true that humans do often come into conflict with wild animals - usually because we have moved into their native habitat, and provided something tempting that lured them onto our property, such as an open shed foundation or pet food left outdoors!

We simply value nature and believe that all animals are entitled to respect and humane treatment. Who wants to hurt an animal? Mammals in particular are worthy of our concern, because like us, they have complex brains, and experience stress and pain in a similar way to people. Although it may seem hard to believe, skunks do have emotions, even if they can't talk to us!

Furthermore, even if you don't care about animal rights, it just so happens to be good luck that the most effective means of resloving a skunk conflict are also the most humane. In short, preventative techniques, such as sealing off that entry under the shed or bringing that pet food in doors will solve the problem, and all future problems!

This website is named skunkpestcontrol because we know people search the internet in search of solutions to skunk problems, and they often think a pest control company or exterminator is the best option. However, these companies specialize in poisoning insects! They are not at all properly educated or equipped to properly solve a problem with a wild animal such as a skunk, or family of skunks. This site offers advice for you to solve the problem yourself, and offers resources to find local city animal services, wildlife rehabilitators, and wildlife specialist companies who focus on humane treatment of animals. Plus advice on how to find the right person to hire, if you must. Find help in your town, by checking out the get help page.

Thank you in advance for treating skunks with compassion and respect!

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