How to remove skunk smell from a car

It is not easy to relax in your home if it has a skunk smell. The skunk odor will become a problem when the smell is being transferred to the furniture and the walls of your home. When you take a quick bath, you may remove some of the smell of the skunk, but the odor is normally stronger and it requires more than a bath to be removed.

It is good to learn what you should do to remove the skunk odors from your air, car, house, dogs or humans. You can use available tips and you can find out the products that can help you in removing the skunk smell.

If you live near the skunks, then you may have to deal with their smells from time to time. When the smell is not treated, it may last at least a month. When the skunk has died under or near your home, then the skunk scent can last longer.

Some people say that you can use vinegar and tomato juice to remove the smell. However, this remedy does not work and it only masks the smell for some time. Regardless of the home remedy that you may have been told to use, it is impossible to remove every trace of the smell since the pets can be sprayed in their face and it is hard to clean the face thoroughly without using eye solution or spray shampoo.

When you are not careful while walking or running outside, then you can step on a skunk and it will end up spraying you. If you suffered a minor eye irritation, then you may flush the eyes with lukewarm water for a few minutes. In order to remove this smell, you can use commercial cleaners which may be found in the outdoor stores. The smell is not the only problem with the skunk spray. It is also harmful, especially if the pet has been sprayed in the mouth or in the eyes. The skunk spray may lead to blindness, vomiting and nausea.

The Sulphur compound with its components in the skunk oil will stick to the fur, clothing, skin and everything that it will come in contact with. When your dog or cat is sprayed, it will bring the odor into your home. You can find commercial products to use in order to get rid of this smell. The chemicals should be non-toxic and not irritating. Other products are based on enzymes and they are fast acting and effective to remove the skunk odor.

The skunk smell may get in the house in many ways. It can be through the pet when it has been sprayed or when the skunk sprays on something directly. When the smell is mild, you can remove it through airing out the home. But it will not be the same thing if a strong smell has attached to the clothes and furniture in your home. You can use vinegar to make a solution to remove the smell. You can also wash the fabrics and the carpets that are washable or spray an air deodorizer.

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