How to protect yourself from a spraying skunk

Many people worry that they can be sprayed by skunks, but there are only a few situations when humans get sprayed in reality. This is because the skunks will not spray whenever they feel like it or when they meet a person. When they worry about something, they will give fair warning. They can stomp their front feet or they can fan out their tail. People should heed such warning and they should back off; however, your dog will not do it. They will charge at once to the skunk, and this is why you will find that dogs will be sprayed more often compared to people.

When you meet with a skunk while walking, you will need to stand still. The skunk will not see you if you are not moving or you can also back off slowly. It is the sudden close up movements which will set them off, so moving slowly and talking soothingly will end up saving you.

When you stay away from the skunks, there is no way that you can be sprayed. The skunk will spray when it is threatened, so you should not threaten it and you should keep away from it. If it is necessary for you to approach the skunk, then you should do this carefully. You need to speak in a low voices and stomp your feet. Skunks do have poor vision and they will spray in their defense since they are not aware of what they should expect. When you stand still and wait, then the skunk will go away. This can be passive, but it will be effective.

Before the skunk sprays, it will stomp its feet and it will turn around since the spray glands are located on the anus. When you see that the skunk is doing the little dance, then you should run or you will be sprayed. When you are sprayed in your face, then you should flush the eyes and the face with water. The spray has compound components and they may cause blindness temporarily and it may cause other problems. When you get sprayed, then anything that you will come into contact with will smell as well. It is better to stay outside whenever you can. Keep in mind that tomato juice will not help you to take away the smell of the skunk on your clothes or on your dog. You should also keep away from the fresheners since they do not help. The products will not eliminate the smell of the skunk and they will make it even worse if they coat the spray instead. In order to get rid of this smell, you have to learn how you can neutralize it. There are special sprays that are designed to get rid of the skunk smell and they will neutralize it. If you are bitten instead of being sprayed, then you need to know that the skunk may carry rabies and you should see the doctor at once.

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