How to remove a skunk in the basement, attic, or anywhere in a house

The best method to use if you want to get rid of skunks is live trapping and relocation. You may also install an exclusion barrier in order to keep the skunk away from the porch, deck and shed. You will not have any problem recognizing the skunks since they have bold white and black coloring. Even if animals often prefer camouflage, the skunk has distinctive coloration and it can serve as a warning to their potential attackers. While using the special glands within the tail, the skunk may spray the powerful scent over 15 feet. This scent can burn the eyes of the attacker and may lead to temporary blindness. This stench can be too much and many animals may not be able to bear it. The skunks are nocturnal and they can feed on anything they find like garbage, carrion, grubs, insects, worms and rodents.

The skunks are known for their odor and it is easy to determine that you have a skunk around by just their smell. If you want to keep the skunk away from your home, then you should trap and remove them and then use prevention and an exclusion barrier. If the skunk is already under the deck, porch or shed, you have to trap it and remove it before you can relocate the skunk. You need to get a large trap which will be capable of holding the skunk. After this, you will need to take preventive measures to keep away the skunks in the future.

The easiest way to remove the skunk from the home, attic or basement is to wait for it to go out if it has made the place its home. You should start by identifying the entry places and use pepper spray on the entry to keep it away. Make sure that there is no gap in the door that the skunk can use to enter.

Attics and basements are the ideal places where the skunk can hide. They provide them with shelter from the predators and elements. They may mate and give birth there. When you see one skunk in the area, they may be living there already in a high number. You need to keep them away since they can create health problems and can become a nuisance.

There are people who say that you can use bright lights as a repellant. Skunks will forage the entire night and they will not be happy with lights. Whenever the skunks have made the places their home, then regardless of what you do, you are invading their space. You have to install the lights when the skunks are already away so that when they come back they will not use the space.

To keep away the skunks, you may use chicken wire around your home to keep them from coming in. You should do this when you are sure that there is no skunk on your property anymore. If there are still skunks, then trap them and remove them.

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