Do mothballs or ammonia help repel skunks?

Mothballs and ammonia are often used as skunk repellents. However, not everything you read is correct given that the repellents are temporary.

Ammonia can be bought or made. As a home remedy, ammonia is often used to repel skunks because skunks have a sensitive sense of smell. However, many have found that ammonia is not effective because it can evaporate easily. It can be washed away by rain, so a person might have to apply it regularly in order for the odor to stay. Predator urine can be a great alternative to skunk repellent.

Hot pepper spray can also be a great home remedy to repel skunks, but oftentimes homeowners have to spray every day after it rains. This is due to the easily washed away smell which enables the skunks to come back to your house again.

Mothballs are considered a violation of the law in some areas. It is wrong to place the mothballs in an outdoor space when the regulation only applies to closed containers. When using mothballs, it is not as effective as when a homeowner places a fence.

Commercial repellents

If you search for commercial repellents, you will see that there are a lot of options coming out from the web. The best way is to spray predator urine as it won’t harm the surroundings the way mothballs do. Sprinkle it in the areas where skunks are likely heading and always read the instructions carefully before you spray in order not to harm anyone or anything.

Sometimes commercial repellents are too costly. If this is the case, you should always take care of your property and look for another way to repel. You can use natural repellents for your advantage and simply spread them over your yard. Natural repellents can come from a blackpepper solution or citrus and water. Skunks are sensitive and smelling the fruit peels around the area canmake them move away. Another thing to do is to use cayenne peppers with water and put it in a spraying bottle. This will also help keep skunks away from your property.

If this is not working, try trapping the skunks with live traps. Generally, a wildlife removal service will help you to arrange the trapping system in places that skunks will likely be. This is done with professional skills and it is not recommended for any person to do it without caution.

If you happen to have pets like a dog or cat, it is also a great way to catch skunks. They will run fast to catch them or ward them off from your garden. Be sure that your pet does not eat the skunk as it may get sprayed or infected with rabies.

If you want to get rid of skunks, it is important to be persistent and have perseverance. And remember to always clean the area by taking the trash outside so that skunks won’t find the place appealing.

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