How to get free skunk removal from the county or city

In general, city or county animal services do not provide free wildlife removal. They deal with dogs or cats. But it doesn't hurt to ask, I guesss, so click here to find your town and see if they provide free removal.

When you think about the city animal services, you might guess that they would provide you with any help regarding animals, be it domestic, wild, or even pests and insects. However, surprisingly, that is not the case. City and county animal services do give services and help with your animal problem, but that’s not their main function actually.

What they do mainly is deal with law enforcement and permits regarding pets. They are the ones you should go to in order to obtain or renew your pet permits. Besides that, some of the services they provide are pet adoptions, handling domestic animal attacks, capturing stray cats and dogs, operating animal shelters, implementing leash laws for pet ownership, providing health care and educating society about caring for their pets as well as training.

As you can see, most of their main services are legal affairs. They do administer help for animal attacks or nuisances, but this only includes domestic pets such as cats and dogs, or some big game animals like deer, elk, cougars or some dangerous reptiles like rattlesnakes. However, raccoons and skunks are not on their list of priorities, and most of the time they would recommend other private animal control services that you could call to acquire assistance. So, if a skunk has trespassed on your property, then you shouldn’t be calling your city or county animal service. It is best that you start looking for a commercial wildlife control company.

A skunk is not an easy intruder that you can handle recklessly. If it’s done incorrectly, you might find your house smelling terrible rather than getting rid of it. That is why calling a professional animal control company is one of the solutions that you need to consider. They are trained professionals who possess the knowledge about capturing this animal, and they have the experience as well as the tools to get rid of this pest effectively.

What they would usually do when you first call them is give you a consultation and input on how to doearly stage prevention. Then they will suggest a plan of action and give you an estimation of the price as well as the equipment and tools needed. When you have agreed to hire their service, they will send their technician to your house.

When they get to your vicinity, they will inspect the location and determine where the skunk is living. Skunks will often dig more than one hole and all of them must be located and closed. Then after the skunk is trapped, they will find the entrance where the skunk came from and fence itin to prevent future re-entering. When the skunk is finally gone and your house is secured, they will start the cleaning and deodorization process to cleanse your house of any foul smell that the skunk leaves behind. Their method is to seize the pest in the most humane and friendly way so that it will be safe for the environment as well as your family and neighborhood.

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