Dayton Skunk Removal Resources

Skunk Rehabber - Brukner Nature Center: (937) 698-6493

Free Montgomery County Animal Services: (937) 268-7387

Humane Wildlife Trappers of Dayton: 937-790-4057

If you need skunk control in Dayton, you have a few options. First, you can attempt to solve the skunk problem yourself by reading our do-it-yourself guide. If you need outside help, you can also call Montgomery County Animal Services to see if they have any free resources or help for you - however, they primarily deal with dog and cat concerns. You can also call a local Dayton wildlife rehabber, as they are typically a great resource for advice that is in the best welfare of the animal. If as a last resort you must hire a professional company, we recommend Humane Wildlife Trappers of Dayton at 937-790-4057. To learn more about them or check their skunk removal prices, visit

In many cases, preventative measures can solve your Dayton skunk problem - keep garbage secured, pet food indoors, and most of all when it comes to skunks, secure the perimeter of your shed, porch, deck, or house with a barrier - lattice or steel mesh is good, and it keeps Ohio skunks from going under the structure. If trapping and removal of the skunk is the only option you have, please do so with the help of a local agency or professional company who knows how to do it humanely and legally. Browse the resources of this site for more educational information.

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Dayton Skunk Control Information: What are some ways to kill a skunk in the yard?

The presence of skunks in any region is something of extreme discomfort for the inhabitants. It is not only their irritating odor, but also the ability to dig, which brings a lot of harm and needs to be checked in a proper way. In addition to this, skunks are never termed as friendly creatures as they don't hesitate in releasing the obnoxious spray as soon as they sense danger. You need to be very careful when skunk activity is at its peak in a region. These along with many other factors highlight the fact that a proper check and balance should be maintained. Also, proper steps should always be taken for ensuring that your kids and family stays away from the unwanted interactions.

What are some ways to kill a skunk in the yard? This is one of those questions, which homeowners ask on regular basis especially when problems related to skunk activity touch heights. Some of the common reasons that make people to kill skunks are being mentioned below
  • They can transmit rabies to pets and kids.
  • They will emit spray on pets and will scare them away.
  • They destroy garden and other vegetation
  • They can also kill chickens
  • They will bring extensive damage to your property
For killing skunks you need to adopt a good approach. Killing of these mammals can be done in a variety of ways. Some of the options are being mentioned below
  • You can directly shoot the animal if your aim is good and you know how to use firearms. It is better to shoot them at dusk because skunks are nocturnal will normally become active during night time.
  • Poisoning is another way, but it should be avoided at all costs because skunks are exposed to great level of toil and discomfort. However, if you are using poison, then place it near the dens or portion of your yard where the skunks show maximum number of appearances.
  • One more effective method is catching the animal in a trap and then killing it with shooting. A variety of traps are available in the market, but you must focus on selecting the one, which should be easy to use and effective at the same time. There are killer traps also present which will kill the animal directly saving you from the fatigue of killing the animal right away.
  • You can also train your dogs for killing skunks.

Remember, for free services you can try (937) 698-6493 or (937) 268-7387, but if you need to pay for professional help, check the prices at the website. Or follow our do-it-yourself guide!