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Humane Wildlife Trappers of Columbia: 803-832-2495

If you need skunk control in Columbia, you have a few options. First, you can attempt to solve the skunk problem yourself by reading our do-it-yourself guide. If you need outside help, you can also call Richland County Animal Services to see if they have any free resources or help for you - however, they primarily deal with dog and cat concerns. You can also call a local Columbia wildlife rehabber, as they are typically a great resource for advice that is in the best welfare of the animal. If as a last resort you must hire a professional company, we recommend Humane Wildlife Trappers of Columbia at 803-832-2495. To learn more about them or check their skunk removal prices, visit

In many cases, preventative measures can solve your Columbia skunk problem - keep garbage secured, pet food indoors, and most of all when it comes to skunks, secure the perimeter of your shed, porch, deck, or house with a barrier - lattice or steel mesh is good, and it keeps South Carolina skunks from going under the structure. If trapping and removal of the skunk is the only option you have, please do so with the help of a local agency or professional company who knows how to do it humanely and legally. Browse the resources of this site for more educational information.

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Columbia Skunk Control Information: What is the best bait to trap a skunk

An encounter with a skunk can become a very bad memory if proper care is not taken during the entire matter. Skunks are particularly known for their bad spray, which is so strong that it even has the capacity of stopping bears. The range of skunk spray can be detected from the distance of a mile and the worst part is that in many it is known for causing some complications like eye problems etc. Basically the spray consists of sulphur and its range to approximately 15 feet and serves an important defense mechanism for skunks.

However, spray is not the only thing related to skunks that can create a lot of issues. Skunks will scare away your pets, destroy the garden and will dig holes. Because of this and many other reasons it is considered as important that proper steps should be taken for eliminating skunk activity. In this regard, trapping appears as the best possible solution for the problem because it will remove the unwanted creatures from your proper convincingly.

However, according to wildlife experts who deal with skunks more commonly. Trapping these creatures is never an easy thing to do. In fact, trapping skunks is challenging and if a person attempts to do so, then he or she should use the best bait. Bait is the main factor that will lure the creature into trap so it has to be something skunk likes. Some of the popular baits that are used in skunk trapping are being mentioned below
  • Canned fish
  • Crisp bacon
  • Insect larvae for example beetle larvae
  • Peanut butter with bread
These are some of the best baits that can be used because skunks show a great liking towards them. However, it is best that you must only proceed with trapping if there is enough strength present along with experience otherwise professionals should be called for dealing with the job.

Tips for removing skunks

There are some tips related to removal of skunks that can safely and effectively remove the animal. Once you have caught the animal, approach it with sheet or towel and always adopt a careful behavior. If the animal is unable to see you, then chances of getting sprayed are reduced to a great degree. You can also transfer the captured skunk a remote place located far away from your house. This will be extremely helpful in all cases. One needs to have proper planning for getting best results

Remember, for free services you can try (803) 772-3994 or (803) 776-7386 or (803) 929-6000, but if you need to pay for professional help, check the prices at the website. Or follow our do-it-yourself guide!