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Skunk Rehabber - Wildlife Center of VA: (540) 942-9453

Free Albemarle County Animal Services: (434) 970-3280

Humane Wildlife Trappers of Charlottesville: 434-333-7605

If you need skunk control in Charlottesville, you have a few options. First, you can attempt to solve the skunk problem yourself by reading our do-it-yourself guide. If you need outside help, you can also call Albemarle County Animal Services to see if they have any free resources or help for you - however, they primarily deal with dog and cat concerns. You can also call a local Charlottesville wildlife rehabber, as they are typically a great resource for advice that is in the best welfare of the animal. If as a last resort you must hire a professional company, we recommend Humane Wildlife Trappers of Charlottesville at 434-333-7605. To learn more about them or check their skunk removal prices, visit

In many cases, preventative measures can solve your Charlottesville skunk problem - keep garbage secured, pet food indoors, and most of all when it comes to skunks, secure the perimeter of your shed, porch, deck, or house with a barrier - lattice or steel mesh is good, and it keeps Virginia skunks from going under the structure. If trapping and removal of the skunk is the only option you have, please do so with the help of a local agency or professional company who knows how to do it humanely and legally. Browse the resources of this site for more educational information.

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Charlottesville Skunk Control Information: Will a pest control company remove a skunk (no, they usually handle insects)

Skunks in Crawlspaces are the biggest problem in nearly every location people work in the major difficulty that exists with skunks in your crawlspace is the propensity to spray. Skunks will spray below your crawlspace for some reasons, one of the primary reason that a skunk will spray below in your crawlspace is it could be their breeding season. A female skunk comes into her heat cycle; the male skunks will start to pursue female skunks when she is in the company of a male skunk even if she does not decide on breeding the male will persist; the female skunk will spray him in an attempt to discourage him from perusing. It is all okay and blameless unless it is all taking place in your crawlspace. The scent from the female skunk spraying will almost make you run out of the house.

Over and over again, people are drawn to try to trap skunks using their ways. Be aware, that skunks have high self-confidence in defending themselves compared to other animals, comprising even humans, and skunks are not likely to run away from a conflict. They will bite and spray people without reluctance, and these skunks are the rabies carriers in the US. A homeowner may trap and kill the big skunk, only to end up leaving baby skunk bodies rotting under their deck, house, or porch. Skunks can take one to two years, depending on their size, for a skunk's body to crumble, and the odor takes even longer to dissipate.

If you doubt that you have skunks around your assets, let skunk removal and skunk trapping removal to wildlife control team of specialists. A trapped skunk feels threatened and infuriated ready to defend itself. A skilled animal control company can caringly trap skunks and have the required chemicals to neutralize and clean the skunk odor. Wildlife control specialists can also make suggestions on how to avoid skunks from recurring. Wildlife professionals are used to local laws concerning the trapping and removal of annoyance animals. Wildlife Removal Resolutions operators are trustworthy companies that have all necessary state and local authorizing and are completely insured.

You can find a comprehensive list of professional wildlife specialist trapper and remove from the website. All of the professional skunk trapping members meet or exceed regular industry training, and you will be in excellent protection with any of these wildlife professional skunk trappers

Remember, for free services you can try (540) 942-9453 or (434) 970-3280, but if you need to pay for professional help, check the prices at the website. Or follow our do-it-yourself guide!