Sterling Heights Skunk Removal Resources

Skunk Rehabber - NBS Animal Rescue: (248) 633-8627

Free Macomb County Animal Services: (586) 469-5115

Humane Wildlife Trappers of Sterling Heights: 586-477-4584

If you need skunk control in Sterling Heights, you have a few options. First, you can attempt to solve the skunk problem yourself by reading our do-it-yourself guide. If you need outside help, you can also call Macomb County Animal Services to see if they have any free resources or help for you - however, they primarily deal with dog and cat concerns. You can also call a local Sterling Heights wildlife rehabber, as they are typically a great resource for advice that is in the best welfare of the animal. If as a last resort you must hire a professional company, we recommend Humane Wildlife Trappers of Sterling Heights at 586-477-4584. To learn more about them or check their skunk removal prices, visit

In many cases, preventative measures can solve your Sterling Heights skunk problem - keep garbage secured, pet food indoors, and most of all when it comes to skunks, secure the perimeter of your shed, porch, deck, or house with a barrier - lattice or steel mesh is good, and it keeps Michigan skunks from going under the structure. If trapping and removal of the skunk is the only option you have, please do so with the help of a local agency or professional company who knows how to do it humanely and legally. Browse the resources of this site for more educational information.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Prevention: How to Keep Skunks Away
What to do with a skunk after I catch it?
Is it legal for me to trap a skunk?
How to remove skunk odor
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Sterling Heights Skunk Control Information: How to protect yourself from a spraying skunk

Skunks are usually tolerant, and they will not purposely bother people. Skunks may help people by eating many insects as well as rodents many look as pests.

The amusing part is that people are afraid of being sprayed by a skunk, but they hardly do. Skunks have relatively good manners! They don't just spray willy-nilly. When something creepy approaches them, they give reasonable caution. They trudge their front feet and buff out their tail. People incline to heed this warning by backing off, but dogs don't. They rush directly in and that why dogs get sprayed all the time, but people don't.

View at it from the skunk's perspective. Here's an animal that has an intense sense of smell, but certainly poor eyesight. When a dog comes running at them, it appears like a gigantic, petrifying fast-moving blob. No wonder they spray to defend themselves; it's the only protection they have.

So if you unexpectedly meet a skunk while out walking, stand flawlessly motionless. Skunks don't see what is not moving. Or gently back off. It is the sudden close-up movements that set them off, so moving slow and whispering will guard you.

How do you safeguard your dog from this annoying dunking? The best thing is not to let dogs' free-roam, mainly at night. Most skunk-dog encounters happen at sunset or in the nightfall when skunks are leaving their dens and going about their business. If dogs are kept in an enclosed yard or on a leash from dusk til dawn, you'll intensely decrease this probability.

Making Peace with Skunks

Most people do not know the benefit of skunks or even whether they are of any good. Skunks are one of Earth's greatest beneficial creatures. They eat everything people don't like and offer an excellent clean-up service with their omnivorous ways. Surprisingly, skunks also have a very pleasant mask body odor, which we barely associate with skunks.

Skunks are good creatures who just want to go about their business in their rambling, peaceful and near-sighted way. Skunks Struggles a lot because of their ineptness and bad eyesight as they stroll through our residential and urban landscape. For example, skunks ordinarily fall into window wells and can't climb out. They also tend to get their torpedo-shaped heads stuck in assured yogurt cups and things like dumpster drain holes.

Skunks are very peaceful and can live with humans and are environmentally friendly and can also pet

Remember, for free services you can try (248) 633-8627 or (586) 469-5115, but if you need to pay for professional help, check the prices at the website. Or follow our do-it-yourself guide!