Gainesville Skunk Removal Resources

Skunk Rehabber - Florida Wildlife Care: (352) 371-4400

Free Alachua County Animal Services: (352) 264-6870

Humane Wildlife Trappers of Gainesville: 352-415-9031

If you need skunk control in Gainesville, you have a few options. First, you can attempt to solve the skunk problem yourself by reading our do-it-yourself guide. If you need outside help, you can also call Alachua County Animal Services to see if they have any free resources or help for you - however, they primarily deal with dog and cat concerns. You can also call a local Gainesville wildlife rehabber, as they are typically a great resource for advice that is in the best welfare of the animal. If as a last resort you must hire a professional company, we recommend Humane Wildlife Trappers of Gainesville at 352-415-9031. To learn more about them or check their skunk removal prices, visit

In many cases, preventative measures can solve your Gainesville skunk problem - keep garbage secured, pet food indoors, and most of all when it comes to skunks, secure the perimeter of your shed, porch, deck, or house with a barrier - lattice or steel mesh is good, and it keeps Florida skunks from going under the structure. If trapping and removal of the skunk is the only option you have, please do so with the help of a local agency or professional company who knows how to do it humanely and legally. Browse the resources of this site for more educational information.

Frequently Asked Questions:
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Gainesville Skunk Control Information: Do skunks come out during the day?

An old wives tale says that a skunk seen out during the day must be sick, or worse, has rabies. While it is a documented fact that skunks are mostly crepuscular, they might be out during the day for a number of different reasons. If a skunk appears alert, responsive and is behaving normally during the day, it is probably just fine. Skunks will come out during the day if there is a really yummy food source that is only available at a particular time, like beetles that are active at dawn, or lizards that bask in the sun. If they have been startled out of their den by another animal, or a loud noise, they may wander out into the daylight as well.

If they live in an area where there is high degree of danger at night from other crepuscular predators, some skunks resort to foraging in the daytime when the danger is less. Baby skunks will also have a tendency to wander outside their den during the day once they become more independent or if they have become orphaned and are looking for food and family. Another unfortunate reason you might see one out in the daylight, is that someone without the proper knowledge either tried to relocate the skunk, or completely destroyed its den in an effort to drive it out.

Skunks that wander out during the daylight will often appear tired, disoriented, or even confused because they are crepuscular by nature. What is not the normal behavior for an adult skunk to exhibit is a severe loss of balance, difficulty walking or extreme lethargy. An over-aggressive skunk may also be a sign of a sick skunk. If you see a skunk behaving this way, or a skunk that is obviously wounded, do not attempt to rescue it yourself. Contact your local agricultural agency, or an animal control professional immediately! Skunks are not vicious or aggressive animals by nature, but a sick or wounded animal can lash out in fear or pain. Never try to apprehend a skunk that is behaving in an unnatural manner, or is obviously ill or wounded- leave this to the experts!

Remember, for free services you can try (352) 371-4400 or (352) 264-6870, but if you need to pay for professional help, check the prices at the website. Or follow our do-it-yourself guide!