What equipment is needed to trap a skunk?

If you have skunks in your home or on your property, you will be interested in how you can trap them. The skunks have small bodies and you will not have to use strong materials if you want to set up a trap for them. There are many types of materials that are used to build a skunk trap, and it is up to you to choose which one you like most.

A live cage is one option. It is not hard when it comes to trapping skunks; however, you need to make sure that you do not kill them while trapping or catching them. It is important to use a live cage trap made with wire mesh, and you have to ensure that the cage is the right size.

If you are using a live trap:

- Ensure that the trap is set in the place where you have seen the skunks.
- Place a trap on the ground firmly and avoid skunks being able to escape.
- You may use bait like cat food in the trap to make sure that the skunk enters the trap.

Using a spring loaded trap

The spring trap is made with many materials. You lure the skunk to enter the trap using bait and then make sure that the door has been closed behind it when it is inside. The skunk will stay alive for many days until you decide that you want to set it free.

A garbage can or a ramp skunk trap can be used. To make such a trap, you will need to have a 3 gallon trash can of at least 113 liter metal and then get a wooden stick. What you should do is place the garbage can upright in a place where you want to catch a skunk. You need to get a sturdy and heavy piece of wood so that you can use it like a ramp. This is the kind of trap that can help you catch a skunk, and there is no chance for it to get out and spray you.

You can use a rat trap for catching the skunk. Because the skunk is small like a rabbit or sometimes like a rat, you can use a rabbit or rat trap to catch them. However, the trap should not be able to kill them so that they do not spray around their odorous liquid.

A trap with a front release is better since it has a cover that will prevent the skunk from spraying. The skunk tends to spray when they see their target. The trap has to be baited using either fresh or canned fish, cat food, fish flavored food, bread, peanut butter, bacon or chicken parts. A trap has to be set on a trail or at the main entrance of a burrow. Placing stones, boards, twigs and logs at each side of the trap will ensure that the skunk does not have any other option but to enter into the trap itself.

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