What is the best bait to trap a skunk?

The skunk is well known for its capacity of spraying. When the skunk lives closer to people, there is every need to make sure that it stays away. There is a need to use many approaches to solve skunk problems. Like other species, skunks have become good adaptors, and they can adapt to human surroundings in both suburban and urban areas. The skunks can find food easily the same as raccoons and rats. But when you want to trap the skunk, then you should learn about the different options you have and the many foods that can be used as bait to attract skunks.

If you are using a trap, then you will need to have the best bait so that you can attract the skunk. However, there are other factors to take into account to ensure that you can trap the skunk.

Since skunks are scavengers, they will depend on their sense of smell to get food. It is good to use food that has a strong scent as bait. This is why the most successful bait is tuna or sardines, and you can also try raw chicken or cat food so that the skunk can be drawn into a trap. The skunk may be attracted to sweeter treats that can also be used as bait. However, when you are not able to succeed, you can also try peanuts on a piece of bread or marshmallows.

Even if the bait plays an important role in luring the skunk inside the trap, there are other things to consider like where you put the trap. In some situations, the skunk can be under the porch or deck, and this is where you should put the trap. When the skunk does not nest in the garden or yard but is coming to these areas using a hole within a fence, then put the trap at that hole so that the skunk will enter into the trap.

Skunks are not known as cautious animals, but the trap should not be too obvious. The trap has to be washed using warm water to ensure that there is no human scent on it, and it should be held with gloves. A skunk is a strong animal, so you need to ensure that the trap is placed firmly so that it may not tip over. Some skunks may go away with the bait without being caught. The trap should be put in a small space to make sure that it does not get tipped over.

If you have caught the skunk, keep in mind that it may spray, so approach it using a thick blanket. When you are near it, then throw the blanket on the trap because if the skunk is not able to see you, it cannot spray. In this way, you may transport the skunk without having to worry that it may spray you. When you are ready to release the skunk, you can then remove the blanket carefully. Open the trap and move aside quickly.

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