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What are some humane ways to kill a skunk in a cage?

We don't really advocate skunk trapping, because then you have to either relocate the animal or kill it. Some states require the latter, not that anyone will really check on you or prosecute you. However, if you have trapped a skunk and are unable to relocate it, you'll have to kill it. The best methoeds are CO2 chamber or lethal injection. Do not drown the animal, that is extremely inhumane.

Many wild animals get driven to the residential areas because of humans that are taking over their habitats through residential building and deforestation. A skunk is not desirable because it has the capacity of spraying its obnoxious spray. This can be avoided with the right information, but homeowners will often be scared and will not want to deal with them. The skunks are the primary carrier of the rabies virus, and this is one reason why people tend to kill the skunks on sight. There are many methods that you can use when it comes to killing a skunk. However, the major challenge is how to kill it without getting sprayed. It can be a dilemma since the skunk usually sprays if it feels threatened. However, there are different ways that you may kill a skunk where you will not be sprayed.

When it comes to humane methods to kill an animal, it means that the animal should be killed at once or it should be rendered insensible to pain before it dies. The animal should be stunned before it bleeds so that it becomes unconscious. The method should kill the animal without distress, pain or panic. The animal should be made unconscious instantly through a rapid death without the chance to gain back its conscious. It should be simple with less maintenance. It should have minimal detrimental impact for observers and operators.

The humane handler should be trained to kill the animal and choose the right killing method, the correct application and the right equipment.

Shooting a skunk is an option that looks simple, but you have to be sure not to touch the feces and blood of the skunk to avoid any transmission of diseases.

The most effective and easiest way to get rid of the skunk is to trap it and remove it. After that you can kill the animal, but it is better if you relocate the animal instead. You can kill it using a lethal injection after trapping it.

The following are inhumane ways that you should not try out. A lethal trap is used by fur trappers. They are dangerous and difficult to use. The one which is the most common is a double spring loaded connibear trap. It works through snapping down on an animal, and it will kill by squeezing and choking. The use of a lethal trap is inhumane and impractical in most cases since it may kill neighboring cats and dogs. Dealing with the carcass that is left behind is also not pleasant, and most states have banned the use of lethal traps. Poisoning takes a long time to kill the skunk and sometimes it may survive. Other inhumane methods used may include injecting acetone, drowning or injecting a chemical solvent in the chest of the skunk. Whenever the skunk is dying, it will often end up spraying. The best bet is to kill it when you are at a good distance. A lethal body grip can be used to avoid being sprayed.

After killing a skunk, you should wear protective clothes while getting rid of its carcass.

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