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How to use one-way exclusion funnels to remove skunks without trapping them

You can get rid of a skunk by excluding them instead of trapping them. Instead of having to deal with the skunks you have trapped, you will let them go away on their own, and when they come back, they will not be able to enter so they will go somewhere else to make new homes. A skunk in an attic will go out and come back in the home many times so that they can get food and water. You will have to isolate the primary entry hole and mount a special one way door on it. The door will let the animal to go out but it will fail to come back in. The technique will be successful if you have made sure that when the skunk goes out, it will not be able to come back in your home once again. The home should be sturdy and it should not have other vulnerable areas. You have to ensure that when the animal goes out that it will not be leaving its children inside. If the skunk has kits inside, it will try its best to get them back and it can destroy the house or make another entry.

You can set a one-way exclusion door on the hole. This is the right method if you are sure that the animal will not be able to come back. When the skunk wants to go out, it will push its way into the spring loaded door, but when it comes back, it will not be able to pass through again. You can use this option if you are aware that the babies have grown up and they will be able to go out with the mother.

A one way exclusion door is the best alternative instead of trapping the animals since it does not kill the skunk and the skunk will stay in its territory. What you need to do is ensure that you are doing the exclusion in the right way without leaving the kits inside and without any other possible entries to your home.

If the skunks made the den in your home or shed, you should look first at the property and decide why the skunks decided to come to your property in the first place. The skunks will decide to come on the property because they can get more food there than what they can get in the wild. After excluding the skunks, you should prevent them from coming back by making sure that you eliminate the food source. Ensure that the garbage cans are closed every day and the garage door is closed. Some repellents are said to keep away skunks. If you can find one that works, you can use it to keep the skunks away. You can talk to a skunk specialist who will tell you how to set the one door exclusion door and how to prevent future problems with the skunks.

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