Will a pest control company remove a skunk?

As you might have known, pest control companies mainly deal with household insects or pest problems. They specialize in disposing of and removing small bugs that may have swarmed or infested your house or any building that you are currently occupying like office buildings, restaurants, schools, industries or even hospitals. The animals that they mostly handle are cockroaches, fleas, termites, ants, spiders, bees or wasps, and some small animals like birds, bats, or rodents. Using chemicals and pesticides is one of their main solutions for getting rid of these insects.

So, what would you do if your house is intruded by a skunk? Would it be a good idea to contact these pest control companies? While some animal control companies have both insect and wild-life removal services, unfortunately some pest control companies do not complement their services with getting rid of larger pests such as skunks or raccoons. So, asking them to remove your skunk problem might bea futile effort. Who should you call when you need assistance and your house is starting to smell like the skunk itself?

You should be looking for a commercial wildlife controller company. Professional wildlife controller services providea trained technician that is both experienced and knowledgeable on how to capture the skunks. They also possess the tools and equipment needed to handle them, and most importantly they are experts in skunk removal. Their services consist of capturing the skunk with cage traps and then removing it away from your area. After the skunk is gone, they would detect where the skunk had entered your house and could install fences to prevent other skunks from re-entering. Sometimes they will suggest for you to renovate your house to provide long-term prevention so that there would be no more skunk invasions in your house. Then they will examine the areas where the smell has permeated and then decide on the methods of removing the odor by cleaning and deodorization.

To get the best company to handle your skunk issue, some of the things that you need to do are:

Ask for recommendations. You can get them from your neighbors, other family members or friends who have experienced this kind of thing before.

Find out about the company. You need a licensed company to take care of your problem.

Ask about the services they provide. The methods that the company uses must be taken into consideration. It is more preferable to use non-toxic methods such as baits or cages. You can also require a long term solution rather than a short term one like installing protection or modification of habitats rather than using monthly chemical sprays that are costly, temporary and environmentally hazardous.

Do your part to prevent further pest intrusion. Learn about things that might lure skunks into your house, and keep in touch with your technician to renew your traps and baits.

For some people, calling a professional wildlife controller may seem out of budget, but if you consider it, the result that you would get is far better as you will get rid of the problem once and for all. They practice humane and effective pest management methods and they update their knowledge about the newest technology and equipment, which means they are safer for your environment, neighborhood, family and pets.

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