What are some ways to kill a skunk in the yard?

We do not advocate the killing of skunks! Usually you can solve the problem via prevention techniques. However, you may have come to this page in a search of how to kill a skunk, and of so, we want to address the matter and perhaps offer you some more effective and easier solutions.

Skunks are known to be adorable, intelligent and shy creatures, but for some people, this all changes when they choose to spray. Skunks are known because of the powerful odor of their spray. This is the reason why people may not tolerate having such smelly creatures under their shed or deck.

The skunks feeding habits and burrow may conflict with people, and these rodents can turn out to be nuisance. The skunks may cause many problems like burrowing under a building or porches or entering the openings of a foundation. They will kill poultry and they may also eat the eggs. Skunks may dig in golf courses, gardens and lawns looking for insects and grubs.

The skunk spray is a smelly blend of sulphurous oils, and it may lead to partial blindness and will sting the skin. Pets may get sprayed often and a pesky rodent can take up residence in the yard.

If you want to keep the skunks away, you should light the location. Add lights in the yard and use other effective deterrents. Skunks like dark places, and they could use the backyard as their nesting grounds.

If you want to kill the skunk, you may think about shooting it, but it will always make the rodent spray and it is not recommended. Shooting a skunk near structures or homes can be illegal in urban areas. For example, in Illinois lethal traps for skunks have to be set in November or September only.

Gassing the skunk in its burrow is used as a method in some areas. However, when the gassing is used near buildings and structures, it exposes the pets or people to some risks.

Poisoning is an option that easily comes to the mind of many homeowners. Laying the poison out may be trailed by many consequences since the household pets may get to the poison first. It is ineffective because it may cause even bigger problems for a homeowner and much suffering for an animal. Poisons which are used can make the skunk sick, and it will suffer a great deal before it recovers once more. When it works, then the skunk will likely die in a tight and dark corner on your property and it will be hard to remove it.

Poisoning is typically not legal and it has risks. The best way that you can deal with the skunks is to trap them and relocate them when they are still alive.

If you are looking to kill a skunk, you can also use a lethal trap, but doing this may cause a problem for dogs and cats. Another problem is that you may have to deal with the carcass, and this is not a pleasant job.

If you do not want skunks in your area, you should try installing exclusion fencing. It will discourage the skunks from coming into your garden or yard.

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