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What kinds of damage do skunks cause?

Skunks can cause many problems to human. Once it is found in your property, the best way to do is to quickly get rid of them. From damaging the yard to infecting rabies – these are a few types of problems that skunks can cause you.


Skunks are susceptible to rabies. It can be easy for skunks to transmit the disease to pets and even human. For those who live with livestock or pets, the chance of getting these animals getting affected by rabies can be high.

Rabies, infects mammals, the warm blooded animals. When you ask your dog to catch a skunk, it may be prone to rabies after biting it. the sign is unnoticed until a certain period of time and until the final stage that there is no way to recover.

Damages in private area

Yard and porch are two most common places where skunks can be found. And most of the time, the sign is clearly visible, the ruined soils as they dig circle holes in the yard. The smelly porch can also be a good sign of its presence in the house. The damages can cost a fortune and if there are plants inside the garden, they may also eat them up and ruin the whole thing.

The spray

Skunk sprays on things that threaten them. Hence, if you come across a skunk or come into contact, it is highly likely for you to get sprayed by it. it’s unmistakably smelly and if not removed, the bad odor could last for days.

Skunk musk can be seriously problematic when it affects your pet. A good way to clean is using hydrogen peroxide and baking soda solution. If the smell is too strong, you can take your pet to the vet.

Damaging the property

The claws in skunk can scratch any material especially woods. Even the concrete walkway may be affected by their claws. During the breeding season, they can multiply by numbers and enter the property like driveway, garden, and under the porch.

Living in the attic

When not removed, skunks could actually invade a house by taking the attic as their home shelter. With this being said, skunks can cause damages and urinate the area. In the long period of time, they can make the whole space awful with the dirt and footprints.

It is important to hire an expert in removing the skunks. Removal service will know what’s best for your home’s condition. Using poison or other harassment may not be effective since the skunks could be running deeper inside the house.

Animal removal service will usually sanitize the area and prevent skunks from coming back once they are done terminating them. A live trap can also be used to get rid of skunks humanely. The traps are set up in corners where they likely to pass by. Skunks problem usually need immediate help as they can reemerge out of nowhere.

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