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What are the common problems that skunks cause?

There are many types of problems skunks can create when they are living near a residential or commercial structure. The first problem is the noxious smell they have. When they spray in a building or at a surface, the odor will remain for a few weeks in a higher concentration. The smell is not too much of a concern when compared to the property damage or health risks that such an animal may cause.

Burrowing under a foundation: when it is in the wild, the skunk will burrow under a base of trees. However, if in an urban setting, it will burrow under a solid foundation, which could lead to costly damage while the structural element can crack or shift.

Chewing: when needed, the skunk can chew within the siding or wood in order to make the burrows.

Gardens and lawns: skunks can eat grubs and insects, and it is not uncommon for the skunks to dig in lawns and gardens looking for food.

Health risks: skunks can carry rabies. The skunks are known to transmit or carry the rabies virus. The proportion of skunks that have rabies is now greater compared to that of the raccoon and fox populations, and this is why it is a concern. It is hard to distinguish between a healthy and infected skunk, so be careful and avoid the skunk saliva at all costs.

Spray: besides how it smells, the spray of the skunk may lead to nausea, vomiting and blindness since it has sulphuric acid. When the spray leaves the skunk, it is concentrated and it has the tendency of clinging onto objects and mostly on metals. If you want to eliminate the smell, then you should ventilate the room so that enough fresh air will enter. However, this will not be easy if the cause of the smell is under the concrete stoop. If the skunk sprays, the odor is worse in the basement. In many homes, it can be hard to air out the basement. You can try to burn candles to get rid of the smell. The flame of the candle tends to break down air-born molecules with the scent from the candle and it will help. There are some odor absorbing products that are said to work. Some people may rent scrubbers, while others get crews for deodorizing the home. This may turn out to be costly, but there are people who are not able to live around this smell for too long. If possible, the source should be eliminated. When the skunk lives near your property, it is possible that it will spray many times. To avoid this case, you need to get rid of the skunks.

When you have a skunk around your home, you may have to deal with skunks that have fallen in swimming pools, stairwells and window wells.

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