What diseases do skunks carry?

The skunk can have many diseases like other mammals. Such conditions may be passed between skunks or they may be transmitted to people and other animals. Since the skunk is a natural pest, you will need to treat them with the respect and you should not let yourself get close to them even if you wish to help since it is easy to get harmful diseases from this animal. However, in case you want get rid of the skunks, then you should learn how you can deal with them in a safe manner without putting yourself or your pets at risk.

How the skunks transmit diseases

Skunks transmit diseases in many ways, and it is important that you be cautious when it comes to dealing with the pest animal problem when encountered. Many skunks will flee and not confront a person, but when they do not see any other options, they are going to attack. They will bite or scratch, which may lead to some diseases being passed to the person who has been attacked. It is also possible that the zoonotic diseases from skunks may be transmitted through contact with the skunk feces and urine. However, it is believed that their spray does not transmit diseases.

There are different situations when the skunk is going to attack an animal or person, and many times when the skunk gets tested, they will test positive for rabies. However, this does not mean that every skunk will be carrying the rabies, but when you are bitten, you should be tested and then start treatment quickly. Taking into consideration the number of cases that have been found in the United States, the skunk is the animal that puts people more at risk.

Diseases people get from skunks

There are many diseases that people get from skunks besides rabies. Tularemia is one of them, and it causes such symptoms as fever, sepsis and decreased appetite. The symptoms should start at least four days after the bite, contact or scratch with the skunk’s feces or urine. Leptospirosis is a condition that it is gotten widely from the feces of the animals which carry this disease, and it causes symptoms like severe headaches or muscle pain with fever. In some severe cases, it may lead to kidney failure, meningitis and liver damage.

Conditions that pets may get from skunks

Skunks can transmit canine distemper to domestic animals. This may cause symptoms like diarrhea and vomiting together with the inflammation of eyes or fever in the animal that has been affected. It is normally transmitted if the animals came in contact with the urine or feces of an infected skunk.

Many diseases that the skunk suffers from may be contracted by other animals, and one condition among these is Aleutian disease. It is caused by a virus which affects different systems in the body.

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