Where do skunks live?

Skunks live in different habitats, including residential areas, prairies, grassy areas and woodlands. The skunk will always go for a habitat that is found within 2 miles of water and sometimes even closer. They build their dens in the ground or they can live in the dens that other animals have left. They will nest in hollow logs, holes or thick brush. The skunks will line their dens using leaves, hay and grass. The female skunk will give birth to the babies in the dens. The dens may have more than just one room and many entrances.

The skunks are found in many habitats, but they prefer to be in open areas or at the forest’s edge. They are mammals and they can adapt easily to live near humans, which enables them to thrive in suburban and urban areas.

A skunk is an opportunistic omnivore that feeds on different types of food, and this includes eggs, rodents, berries, plants and insects. Since they have voracious appetites for rodents and insects, they are the best form of pest control in agricultural places. They are known because of their smell and they will spray the pungent liquid in the face of potential predators as an effective defense mechanism.

In order to reduce the conflict that takes place with wildlife, it is good if you understand everything about their habitat and species. You should take time to understand what the skunk is all about.

You can recognize the striped skunk easily since it has a bright white stripe which runs the length of the black body to the tail. The skunks are timid and shy animals, but because of their tendency of living in the suburban and urban settings, they may come into conflict with humans. The skunk may thrive on a farm or in a backyard while sleeping during the daylight hours under a shed or a porch. Since they are omnivorous, the skunk may be attracted to the yard by pet food, windfall fruit, fallen birdseed and unsecured garbage.

The skunks are known to dig up lawns while hunting for worms and grubs. While the skunks may be comfortable with humans, if they are startled, threatened or cornered by pets or humans, they may end up spraying. When you want to keep the skunks away, you should learn how to reduce their attractants and discourage them from becoming too comfortable in the yard.

Keep the garbage stored securely since the skunk is not a skilled climber. You should ensure that the garbage is stored in secure bins so that the skunks do not get access to them. When you see a skunk occasionally, it does not mean that you have a problem. If you are in the city, then the skunk may choose to live under porches, concrete slabs, elevated sheds and rock piles. They will live in any place they are able to crawl inside.

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