Do skunks burrow underground?

Skunks are known because of their spray which they use as a defense mechanism. The skunk is a destructive pest because of the digging habits they have. The skunk can dig holes for many reasons, but the common ones are to find food and build their den. These omnivorous animals have a wide ranging diet which may include garbage, fish, bird eggs, small amphibians and mice. However, they prefer insects.

In the summer or in fall, the skunks will look for beetle larvae and grubs or worms to eat on. They dig cone-shaped holes which can be around 1 to 3 inches in diameter. The property owners may come to see such holes or they can see disturbed turf which shows that they have skunk problems. You may also contact a professional specialist in skunk control.

The skunks will use their sharp front claws in order to dig holes. If the skunk is found in the suburban and urban areas, they can burrow under the residential structures like concrete slabs, porches and decks. This is why as time passes the skunk may cause damage. They will also damage gardens, lawns and even golf courses when they are digging for the insects and grubs found in the soil.

The skunks can live under hollow logs, rock piles or in any abandoned burrow. Young babies most of the time are born in May and they can stay in the nest for at least two months before they accompany the mother outside. Besides a mother with the baby, you will most of the time find the skunks alone. They are nocturnal and it is hard to find them out during the day.

If you think that skunks have moved in with you, then you should block all the entry points or the spaces found under the home or business using the materials available. The skunks are known to be good burrowers and they can fill the opening under the concrete structure with too much dirt, so you should remove all the brush piles found near the property.

When the skunk is already in your home, then you can try humane harassment techniques which should discourage the skunks from continuing to live in your place.

To ensure that the babies are not left alone, then you have to check if the skunk is a mother. You can find out that there are babies when you hear rustling, whining and squeaking. However, you should try to approach or touch the young that you find around. This is because if you touch it, then its scent may keep the mother away so it will not come back to get the baby. Even if the skunks are good diggers, they are not known as good climbers. The best way to ensure that the skunks leave your area is to use a one-way door on its burrow. This means that when the skunk leaves it will not come back.

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