Do skunks come out during the day?

The skunk is a nocturnal animal, which means that it will typically not come out during daylight hours. However, it is possible that you will see healthy animals that will be out in the day, especially if it is spring. A skunk can come out to get food when it has young babies. The animals will have the young in spring and will be seen during the daylight time since they will be coming out for food. The females will require eating more in order to produce milder for feeding the young. Other wildlife will be having their young also in spring.

The mother skunk will go out during the day since it is safer than in the night when nocturnal animals will be looking for food. A rabid skunk will look ratty and it will be disoriented. Skunks have been called many things, and it is good if you learn some things about their personality before you learn how to deal with them.

Any person who has seen a skunk is aware that the skunk is a sweet and docile animal. The skunk is the most misunderstood creature. It is perceived to be harmful, but in reality it is benign and also gentle. It is possible to avoid being sprayed since the skunk will spray rarely. The skunks are an important part of the ecosystem; they have a healthy appetite for baby rats, mice, insects and grubs. They also get rid of cockroaches, moles, gophers and road kill. Sometimes they also eat dangerous animals such as rattlesnakes or black widow spiders. When you have rodent or insect problems, a skunk in a residence may be the solution.

People are sometimes told that if you see a skunk during daytime it means that it has rabies: this is a myth. The wild skunk will come out early in the day or evening. It will be resting during the night and it sleeps during the day. In the early spring or in the winter it will come out to forage for food during the day. You only have to worry if the skunk looks paralyzed or exhibits some odd behavior like self-mutilation, uncharacteristic tameness, screeching and circling. You can call the local animal control officers to deal with it.

The skunk will usually not spray cats. This is because the cats' movements are normally slow and not that bold. Dogs are also known to grab a skunk from behind, and cats will not do this. When you or your dog get sprayed, you may use home remedies like tomato juices. Burning citrus and vanilla candles and other incense may help in getting rid of the skunk smell from the house or you can wash the dog in dish soap or vinegar

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