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Are skunks dangerous to pets like dogs or cats?

Skunks are known to be common nuisance creatures in the suburban or rural gardens. They not only dig up plants but are a potential risk for pets. You should be aware of the problems and how to deal with the skunks if you have pets. The skunks came to America for the first time 300 years ago, and they were used to control the rat and mouse population because they are better at it than cats. For many years now, they have been used to kill or chase rabbits, and in some parts of England they are being trained to do this.

Skunks are carnivores. They have hard and rough canine teeth with a strong bite and grip. Small skunks have elastic and elongated bodies which are covered with soft fur. The ears are soft and small while the tail is covered with fur. Their eyesight is weak and some are near deaf, but their sense of smell is good.

When you want to prevent the skunks from visiting your home, you have to ensure that you do not feed your pets outside. You should also not leave the garbage can open overnight. Whenever you encourage the skunks to come to your home, you will also be putting your pets at risk. Besides spraying, the skunk may pass on viruses and bacteria. The skunks can also pass rabies to pets and humans. If there is a skunk out during the day, it may mean that there is something wrong with it. It is always safer to stay away from any skunk you see.

When a dog is sprayed by a skunk, it may suffer from a toxic disease called skunk toxic syndrome. The dog will suffer acute anemia and it will go into shock. This is a result of some compounds in the spray that are yet to be known.

The skunks are more dangerous than their horrific scent. The skunk has unwanted parasites and they will bring them to the yard. The skunk is known to be a major flea carrier. They will bring flea eggs into the yard, and skunks also may be affected by nasty round worms that will do more damage to the pets when they eat the feces of the skunks. Even if it may not be deadly as the ones they can get from raccoons, it is still something that you will not wish for your pets. Besides, the skunks may also bite a cat or dog if they are attacked, and their bites may be infected. The skunk bite could lead to an infection like that of any other wild animal. When your pet is wounded by a skunk, you should take it to the vet at once.

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