Do skunks climb?

A skunk loves to dig up vegetable gardens in order to look for grubs. The bird netting will keep the skunk out of the vegetable bed. Skunks, contrary to possums and raccoons, are known as poor climbers. However, the skunks may choose to dig, so to keep them away you should use a fence and bury the chain link. While in the wild, the skunks can dig their dens or they can live in hollowed logs.

The skunks do have a powerful spray, but they do not choose to use this spray always if they are not harmed, cornered or surprised. Skunks like to live in sheds, porches and houses. You can close these entries using metal flashing, sturdy barriers, boards and hardware cloth. Even if the skunk will not eat big chickens, it can kill them or eat their eggs.

The skunks often choose to live under buildings. It may occupy the den site for a few days, but during the nesting and mating period, the females are more attracted to dark, dry and warm areas, and they will continue to live in this place if it continues to be favorable. You can chase away the skunks from under a building when they cause problems. If you do not know what to do, then get a wildlife control company to get rid of the skunks for you. When the skunk gets into the garage or house, you have to stay calm and close the doors, leaving only one door the skunks can use to go out. If the skunk looks as if it is agitated, then you have to retreat at once. You should not try to use food to get it out. It will associate your home with the food, so it will try to come back to get more food.

Since the skunks are not able to climb, then they may get trapped in the window wells or other similar places. You can lower a rough board inside the well which is long enough in order to act like a ramp if the skunk wants to get away from the well.

If you cannot make the skunks stay away, then you can trap these animals. Trapping the skunk has to be the last resort. Trapping a skunk will not be a permanent solution because the skunks will be moved to other areas but new ones will come to your place. It is good to call a wildlife control company to do the trapping and the exclusion. When the skunks are in a group, you should get multiple traps to catch them all. When you decide to do this trapping on your own, then you should get instructions on how to do the trapping successfully.

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